“Hur Al Ayn” in Jannah and Ridiculous men

The other day I was going through the spam folder of my email after a long time just to see if I would find something interesting or perhaps important… and surely, there it was, a private message left on my YouTube account. I don’t often check my YouTube notifications and I don’t usually receive emails for them either. At first, this man seemed like the typical brainwashed “Muslim” with his chauvinistic views. It was apparent that he was responding to some comment I had left on a video.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 16.59.38

I’ve spoken to men with similar mindsets so this wasn’t exactly anything new. According to him and likeminded individuals; God knows that men “need” sex slaves of sorts in Paradise as a reward for their “good” deeds. Sounds ironic somehow, doesn’t it? They also tend to make it seem like women have little to no sexual desire.
I responded with my usual response, about many women having equal to or higher sexual desire than men so what for them? And hurs (companions) being for both men and women etc.

What shocked me was his next response and it’s the reason I felt compelled to make this post and expose the way the minds of some brainwashed men function.


Did he really say what I think he said? That women not enjoying rape equates to women having low sexual libido/appetite/desire? So does he mean that if women enjoyed rape that would mean they have high sexual desire? Is there even a correlation?! He even goes on to say, “The reason is women don’t have libido.” Is this man for real? If women don’t have libido, does that mean every single woman is being raped when in a relationship? How does this even make any sense? By his logic, if a man does not want to rape, does he have a low libido? The more I question his words, the more I can feel myself becoming dumber. His statements are ridiculously atrocious and nonsensical. He even asks why some men “have” to rape women. To me, he seems like a danger.

And why is he saying all this? Just to tell me that men will receive “hur al ayn” (he thinks these are women) in Jannah because they “need” several sexual partners due to their “high sexual libido”. He is also trying to tell me this because I’m a woman and “women will not receive hurs because they don’t have high libido like men.” I might as well also add the common arguments that are put forward; that Muslim women will be married to their worldly husbands without any choice, rancour will be removed from their hearts so they don’t feel jealous of their husbands sleeping with “hur al ayn” while being given material possessions instead such as jewellery and clothes because “that is what all women want.” Some men will go as far as to say that ‘hurs’ are their motivation to work for Paradise. So, not God’s love, meeting the prophets but… ‘hurs’..




It’s sad that he actually believes that and even that God would use such vulgar words. He (and everyone else who believes those Hadith) seems to believe that God portrayed women as commodities, in that they will just be bundled together and handed to each man. Astaghfirullah. He does not seem to understand the meaning of “companionship”.

Breaking it down into a black and white, misogynistic and simplistic way of some men’s thinking of supposed human ‘nature’:

Women = Want one man all to herself.
Men = Want multiple women.

It goes something like this based on majority male scholarly views:

A Muslim woman will be rewarded with her worldly husband (i.e be stuck with him) and will have the pleasure of sharing him with several other women. Her beauty will be elevated tremendously to be even more pleasurable to her husband! Her jealousy will be taken away so that she can peacefully watch her husband copulate with other women, and as a bonus, she will be made Queen over the “huris” and have the opportunity to command these “huris” to have sexual relations with her husband.”

This seems to be the God’s justice that they believe in. It definitely seems like such men are the jealous ones, doesn’t it? They just cannot fathom the fact that women (including their wives) will also have whatever they desire. That women will be asking God for what they want and men won’t have a single say in it at all. Well, you’ll all have to deal with it. After all, there won’t be jealousy in Jannah, right?

I would like to ease the mind of this man and others by pointing out this definition:

You will find that the Arabic word ‘Hur’ is the plural of both ‘Ahwar’ which is masculine and ‘Hawra’ which is feminine. The word generally signifies the intense whiteness of the white of the eye and intense blackness of the pupils.

“The Qur’an describes in several verses that you will have have “azwaj” in Paradise which means a pair/spouse/companion. Companions pure and holy (mutaharratun means pure, holy).”

Qur’an – 2:25 “But give glad tidings to those who believe and work righteousness, that their portion is gardens, beneath which rivers flow. Every time they are fed with fruits therefrom, they say: “Why, this is what we were fed with before”, for they are given things in similitude; and they have therein companions pure; and they abide therein (forever)”. [Al-Qur’an 2:25]

Qur’an – 4:57 “But those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, We shall soon admit to Gardens, with rivers flowing beneath – their eternal home; therein shall they have companions pure and holy: we shall admit them to shades, cool and ever deepening”.

“Therefore the word hoor has no specific gender. Mohammad Asad has translated the word hoor as spouse and Abdullah Yusuf Ali as companion. Therefore according to some scholars a man in paradise will have a hoor that is a beautiful maiden with beautiful big and lustrous eyes and a woman in paradise will get a man with beautiful big and lustrous eyes.” This is how Dr Zakir Naik described it as well.
A more literal translation: hur = beautiful, al ayn = eyes.

In Surah Rahman chapter 55 verse 72

“Companions reserved, in goodly pavilions.”

According to many men this verse is about females who will only look at their “new worldly husbands” because characteristics of being reserved and modest are feminine traits. Do these men therefore also believe the Prophets were immodest men if modesty is only a “feminine” trait?

How can so-called Muslim scholars and men preach that “pure companions” equates to sex slaves? It’s common to see misleading words added in brackets in translations of the Qur’an. Next to hur, you might find “fair maiden”. And you know what many idiots take that as? White skinned women, yes you read that right. I even read comments by a man on this issue saying things akin to “If there is a white woman and a black one, it’s normal to be attracted to the white one.” It’s truly horrific. These men don’t seem to be only misogynistic and chauvinistic but racist also.

Scholars definitely have had a hand in brainwashing people too. It’s quite sad to see that even many Muslim women have accepted certain things to be part of Islam without doing any research or using their brains. Some have put a stone on their hearts and taken inequality as their ‘fate’ or ‘God’s decision’. Their belief in God needs to be stronger. Not an atom’s weight worth of injustice will be done to anyone. According to God, we will have whatever we want. ‘We’ includes women.

Qur’an – 25:16 “For them therein is whatever they wish, abiding eternally. It is ever upon your Lord a promise requested.”

Qur’an – 50:35 “There will be for them therein all that they wish, – and more besides in Our Presence.”

Qur’an – 39:34 “They will have whatever they desire with their Lord. That is the reward of the doers of good –“
(See also, 16:31, 21:102, 36:57, 43:71)

It’s unfortunate that the beautiful reward of Heaven for us undeserving humans has become a positive, no-questions-asked topic of discussion for men while many women have to question and understand why it supposedly isn’t the same for them.

Dear Muslim men, stop being like this:


And try to be humble, loving and useful. Not chauvinistic nuisances. Stop portraying Islam in a bad light.

Just to be clear, I’m not pointing my finger at all Muslim men. Not at all. There are those who believe in equality and are not sex maniacs, but are modest and understanding, those who speak with reason.


Just for some kind information, here’s a page with hadith that all Muslims should read! –> Click.


Thanks for reading.

May Allah SWT guide and bless us.


20 thoughts on ““Hur Al Ayn” in Jannah and Ridiculous men

  1. i think little baby posted that kind of post on facebook
    here is the answer to his questions.
    Why cannot women rape man if she want him for sex?
    because man are powerful and can hit women that’s why she cant rape man because he will not sex with her until he want. for example if a women raped a beautiful man for sex and now she want him to sex with her, will raped beautiful man accept her request? absolutely NO! but if man rape women he will be easily able to sex with her because he can easily come over the women LOL 😛
    Why women takes money after having sex with the man?
    Answer of the second question:
    Wuhooo! double fun! the first was the sex and the second was money what a enjoyable thing! you mean when women gets money after having sex it means she didn’t enjoy? who said it to you??
    I am very beautiful white man and my girl friends ask me to sex with them and offered me lots of money if i sex with them but i did not accept their request :p
    women also enjoys sex


  2. To claim you can have anything in Jannah is fundamentally wrong.

    You cannot desire to murder someone in Jannah for instance. It is unanimous that women will only get one husband since thats how it works. To claim otherwise is ignorant and disrespectful to Islamic tradition of scholarship. You cannot just cite simple verses and think you’re qualified. So please, crawl under your rock and stay there.


    1. I will believe God’s words over yours.

      Oh wait, your words aren’t your own anyway, are they? You did not come to a conclusion using your own understanding, brain power and researching of different perceptions, did you? Is it the typical “scholars say this”, “scholars have agreed upon this” or “laymen cannot understand this” kind of drivel?
      If you have any of your own logic and understanding to counter mine, then please do bring forth.

      Tradition! Aah! What does the Qur’an say about tradition and following older generations and forefathers for the sake of following? Please enlighten us with some verses from the Qur’an.

      “Unanimous”? There is no such thing. There are differences of opinion and if you had used your brain, you would have read these differences in my post.
      My brain understands that Allah has promised both women and men (who reach Jannah) the blessings therein, equally. Your brain, however, seems to be wired to believe in the subjection and controlling of women and the ‘superiority’ of men. But I’m not surprised. This is a common issue with Muslim men which is one huge reason why Islam is seen in a bad light. First so many Muslim men want to treat Muslim women as less than humans in this world and then they’re hoping for the same in the amazing and wondrous afterlife? Never will such vile desires come true.

      I see, so what you mean is, that “scholars” are above the Qur’an, God’s Word? What you mean is, that only men can have everything they want in Jannah, correct? What you mean is, that women will be limited, controlled and will be devoid of choice in Jannah, while it will be opposite for men? What you mean is, that women will be stuck with a man who will have several sex buddies while they will be “Queens” without any sort of power (puahahah)? And finally, what you mean is, that Jannah is not a place of happiness and where all your wishes will come true as God promises?

      Intelligent and fair Muslims of the world, let’s have a good laugh.


  3. I don’t know how I found this webpage! But I have found this link in an Email of my another Email address. What a nice post that someone has thought about my comments.
    Women have less frequent libido than men. A man may be excited many times a day. But women don’t become sexually excited so often unlike men.


    1. Ah! the guy himself, ay? Of course I had to expose the ridiculous ways in which some men’s brains work.
      Seems like you haven’t changed your mind. Let me know if you want me to blur out your username. I shall do it.


      1. Why should I want my identity to be hidden? I did not write anything wrong. So I don’t fear to see my comments shown in a blog.
        You could not prove anything wrong from my statements. Females have excitements but that is very less amount of time than males. That’s why women are dominating in this world. The richest Actress has earned $5+ Billions but the richest Actor has earned only $0.8 Billion. Can you inform any Queen’s name who had multiple sex partners for her enjoyment? No. [If you think that there is no Queen, you are very wrong. Now the person who is the chief of British Empire is a Queen] But many Kings had hundreds of female slaves in their palaces.
        You could not show any female rape male.
        You could not show any female buys male’s time for sex.
        You could not show that any female spends something valuable to have relationship with a male.
        But the opposite incidents happen in the world and that is very common.
        Instead of proving me wrong, you have written something else in this Blog.
        May Allah convince you, Silent Sacrificer.


      2. It’s kind of sad when people remain just the same even when the years go by.

        I have posted verses from the Qur’an. God has spoken. I am convinced.



  4. Many men permit themselves to sexualize, fantasize women and treat them as commodities. They say that at the thought of having “male hoors” breaks them. Men say that it is impure for women to desire male hoors. Why for men this is the opposite? Why can they wish for more wives?

    Don’t they think that women reading about these “maidens” break them apart? Why are we, women, treated like this? Why can’t women do the same?

    Reading hadiths with hoors cursing the wives of the husbands just because they hurt him is putting me off. Doesn’t it happen in all the relationships?

    HOW about someone curses the man that hurts his wife? Why there’s no hadith as that?

    I feel disgusted. I feel disappointed in this religion and I lost faith in men. I lost faith in everything. If Allah made women just to satisfy men’s sexual pleasures, I just wanna to disappear from this disgusting existance.


    1. I just want to not exist any longer. Why feminine figures are treated like this… I want to quit. Why are there so many hadiths and verses scornful of women? From the beginning of the times…

      I wished I wasn’t created.

      I feel like that polytheists and atheists are right to be sorry for muslim women. They are right to be sorry for us…


    2. SalamunAlaykum Helen,

      I really understand you. It also took me a long time to get over this issue. Of course I ended up rejecting this misogynistic, chauvinistic and overly sexualized view. Thankfully, there are different interpretations available. As I mentioned in the blog post, this idea of “hoor al ayn for men only as well as having their worldly wives” is filled with hypocrisy.

      However, God is Fair and Just.

      This verse: “For men and women who are devoted to God- believing men and women, obedient men and women, truthful men and women, steadfast men and women, humble men and women, charitable men and women, fasting men and women, chaste men and women, men and women who remember God often- God has prepared forgiveness and a rich reward.” 33:35 – Abdul Haleem translation.

      It’s very difficult to go through doubts and loss of Faith.

      Please talk to me if you need to.
      My email address is in the description.

      May Allah bless you and make things easy for you. Ameen.


  5. What you don’t understand is that men suffer a lot throughout their whole lifetime. When a boy starts getting his sexual desire, after that he had to control it throughout his whole life many times in every single day. It puts men in ultimate test during Ramadan Month. Because at night there are a lot of prayer when body is weak. But at the same time, sexual excitement is still on body. It’s a daily matter for men for many times. But women don’t have this problem. You, females, don’t suffer this test. You don’t become turned on so easily. But you get the most pleasure during sex. So stop being sad or angry for no reason.
    Yes, God is Just. That’s why He must arrange more rewards & more pleasure for Muslim men because Almighty Allah tests men more than women. Men have more responsibilities, more risks to take, more sufferings to suffer.


    1. I find your comment difficult to take seriously. You clearly have no idea (or are in denial) of the struggles women face. Your logic is boring and oft-repeated. Plenty of women have high sexual desire. Many women have higher sexual desire than their male partners. As for your ridiculous comment about men suffering more… Women suffer a lot in this world. At the hands of men especially. Rape, sexual assault, honor killings, acid attacks, forced marriages, lack of education, domestic violence, judgments, harassment etc. They go through more pain than men through child birth and menstruation. And you want to tell me that men will be rewarded more just because they APPARENTLY are sexually frustrated? Funny. If “suffering” for you is being sexually frustrated then you really need to explore the world more and look at REAL suffering. You should watch what you claim about God. Where does it say men will get more rewards? So you’re saying Islam favours men? If your wife makes it to Jannah inshaAllah, she’ll also have whatever she wants. You won’t have control over that. You won’t be jealous either, remember? I posted clear verses. Take it or keep crying. Salaam.


    2. Do you know women better than ourselves? Do read articles related to women wanting to do ‘that thing’! You’ll be surprised!

      Read this:

      More sexual pleasure for women during ‘that thing’? Are you serious? I am gutted!
      I am absolutely amazed of how ignorant this statement is!

      During Ramadan, God said to BOTH women and men not to do ‘that thing’!!! God said to BOTH women and men to protect their private parts!!!

      Angry and sad for no reason, you say?
      How about we women use your body as an entertaintment? How about we women use men as sex-toys?

      Is this your justice? Is this what you were hoping for? Treat us women as mindless sex-toys?

      Is this the judgement of your mother? Did you get the concept I am trying to bring?

      I do apologise to everyone who felt offended by reading this comment, but I had to tell. I can’t contain myself to the amount of nonsense I have read!


      1. Good point about Ramadan being a time of restriction for both men and women. Some men seem to pick and choose or are just ignorant. For example, women are also told to lower their gaze in the Qur’an. Men should take wisdom from this.


  6. May Allah bless you for raising my mood a little bit. I was very religious as a young child, praying 5x a day and fasting etc. Then one day in my teens I came across a YouTube video about hur al ayns and straight away I started to question everything. By Allah, this issue has driven me so so so far from religion. I have completely stopped praying and fasting because I feel like my own god didn’t think about my happiness. Astafurilla.
    Each and every time I read an article, the replies are “stop questioning god” “Yh but you’ll be more pretty than the hurs” or “dw all jealousy will be taken out of you” …… PLEASE STOP. So I’m being brainwashed into being fine with it? So just because I would be prettier I should be okay with my husband sleeping with hurs? So it’s just men who had a hard time on this earth sexually that they deserve sex slaves? How about women who had to stop themselves and their deserted of sleeping with multiple men ? Oh wait, they’ll be forced to be content with their one husband or else it will hurt his little ego? Sometimes I TRY HARD to bring myself back to religion by thinking things like “men only mention female hurs because mentioning Male hurs would hurt their ego and pride , so they try to only emphasise female hurs” but then I come across things that just push me off the straight path again.
    Wallahi I am so torn at heart. I want to be a good Muslim pious women but this issue is the ONLY thing stopping me. It’s not good enough to tell me to “work towards getting into Jannah first and then worrying about all these things” because HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WORK TOWARDS JANNAH WHEN IM IN SO MUCH PAIN?! YA ALLAH , don’t you see the pain and sorrow it’s causing your female creation?! astafurilla. I am truly saddened and have lost faith. Please pray for me. I truly hope that the descriptions of disgusting detail about vaginas etc was not spoken by our shy pious prophet and definitely not from Allah. I truly hope these insecure men stop passing information down which fits into their own idea of Jannah.


    1. AsalamuAlaykum,

      Thanks for the comment! I went through a similar experience as you when it came to this topic. In the end, the people who claim “men will have multiple fair-skinned women” don’t really have Qur’anic support to back up their arguments. They simply follow and believe in the male-biased translations/interpretations/lectures. I almost feel like a lot of men have internalized this belief that they are sex-maniacs because of being told so/by society?

      Allah knows best.

      If you want someone to talk to, feel free to email me at: a.somber.morrow@gmail.com
      Take care. 🙂


    2. Sorry, I should have mentioned… I know it’s easy to just tell you to “Trust Allah. Allah is Just” but that is what we have to believe in. We need to break our minds free from what people say and trust God. I will make dua for you, inshaAllah.


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